Niu Body – The GLOW oil

Hi lovelies! My Sunday starts with 3 drops of a magic oil, some coffee and podcast updates from the past week. My second indie beauty tip (read the first one here) from my New York trip is the Canadian brand created by the magic-duo Connie Lo and Laura Burget, namely NIU BODY.

Niu Body has a range of high quality and effective natural skin care products, made from ingredients that benefit your skin. The products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and the company has a clear environmental approach by using recyclable packaging and focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing. The collection is filled with a beautiful mixture of products for all skin needs, wheather it is to improve moisture, for anti-inflammatory purposes, balancing oil production and much more.

The brand’s no. 1 bestseller is this GLOW oil. It is a perfect balance between moisture and lustre without being greasy. I am sometimes sensitive to products with essential oils but with this one, the Toronto team has formulated the oil with a subtle balance of extracts from organic bergamot that works oh so well with my skin. The divine fruity citrusy scent I find it so refreshing in the morning, to wake up my skin and mind in a delicate and joyful way.

If you are looking for a light, easy to set oil to bring a nice healthy glow to your skin or to add some lustre to your foundation routine, this is a very good and pretty product to have on hand.

Check out more from the brand at



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ONNE – Australian Natural Skincare

ONNE ‘Balancing Body Balm’ & coffee-infused ‘Body Scrub’ –

Hi lovelies!

How are you? I’ve been wanting to update the blog for some time now but somehow work gets in the way.. You know that feeling? Like the hours of the day somehow aren’t cooperating with you? Well, today I am BACK and so excited to share new found brands and the founders behind them, with you. Hope you’ll find inspiration for your green beauty spring shopping and maybe a new product favourite.. or two?;) Let’s dive in to it, shall we?

ONNE ‘Complexion Cream’ – This airy and soothing face cream treats your skin and works great with all skin types, from preventing oiliness to soothing dry areas. Infused with Kakadu Plum for preventing wrinkles and Davidson Plum, which acts like an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). 

First out: ONNE Beauty.

For you who follow me on social media you probably know I recently got back from New York after attending the Beauty² exhibition with The Beauty Archive. What started as a business event turned out to feel more like coming “home”, surrounded by likeminded and such inspiring people within the industry. It truly gave me a well needed February energy boost. Our table neighborg at the exhibition was ONNE [pronounced as the number; 1], an Australian skincare brand based on natural and organic ingredients packaged in clean, minimalistic bottles and jars for both inner and outer wellbeing. 

ONNE products have a lovely subtle scent that will be mild enough to be used for all skin types, even for hypersensitive skin. ONNE founder – Carlia Ashton – described to me at the event as the scent being developed from a vision of those relaxing, carefree days spent at the beach. I can feel it immediately from the first whiff of the product. It smells like sunrays lightly warming your skin and beach breezes passing you by. All products in ONNE’s line are made from certified organic ingredients and made to create a “ONNE-derful skin that glows from within”, Carlia means. A skin that will shine of gratefulness.

L-R: ONNE Clarifying Cleanser, ONNE Moisturising Mask, ONNE Complexion Cream.

I love everyting about ONNE beauty, from the story behind to the beautiful souls of the company. Just visiting their website and online shop relaxes you and they make you feel welcome and cared for in a ONNE-derful way.

For more inspiration visit: ONNE website & shop

Let me know what skin care products you use at the moment! Do you have a new brand you’re testing out? Would love to chat with you so please, leave a little comment below before you leave. Talk soon!



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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Dear friends!

Sendning you my warmest wishes for a peaceful and merry holidays! May your weekend be as great as you are and your wishes come true.

I’m going to keep low key, cosing up with candle lights, hot beverages and ginger bread cookies handing out the under-the-tree gifts to the family (gifts that have been readily wrapped since November..haha).

What are your plans for the Holidays? Do you go all-in or are you a ‘chill pill’?:) I know some of you do not celebrate Christmas, do you have any special weekend or New Year’s plans? However you choose to spend your time, I wish you all the best.

Much love,


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Changes: Life Update & A New Year

Hi lovelies! How I have missed talking to you here on the blog. I try to keep up with you, interested in how you are, what’s your struggles, joys and future plans. Let me know how you are!❤️

I started this blog space to build a strong foundation with you readers and fellow beauty nerds. My aim has been to create a feeling of closeness, a place where you can visit to load your inspirational batteries, to share thoughts about makeup and life in general. Since THEMAKEUPARCHIVE got her sister The Beauty Archive last year almost all my work goes in to the company, hence my blog posts have organically decreased.

What have I been up to?

2017 have been a tough year, tough in the sense of building a company and running all elements of it. It takes a lot of time and energy but it gives me so so so much joy. 2017 has also been tough on a more personal level. It has been rough and eye opening all at once. I am happy I went through this journey and as I am gazing to 2018 and my 34th birthday, I feel much more confident and certain about where I am going and not to say the least mindful in the present now. Side fact evidence: I got my first tattoo this year, to remember to ground myself in storms and to focus on breathing through it. Have you experienced a time in your life where everything has been put to an edge? Making you scared and confused but in the end helps your grow and discover new elements of yourself and your surroundings?


I have built something from the heart and I’ve heard that it is good to follow your heart. The Beauty Archive has become much more than a job, it has and is opening me up to new perspectives, challenges and experiences. I am sure the future holds a lot of surprises, which I am looking forward to discovering together with you.

My heart is also where my family and friends are. And the friendship I have and am developing with you in this community makes me feel truly blessed. It gives a new dimension to my journey developing and growing The Beauty Archive. For me the slow beauty concept of TBA not only lies in the ingredients used or the manufacturing processes or even our giving back projects. It lies in the relationships, the openness and the things we do together to empower each other, taking time to take care of ourselves and to make an impact on this planet. Without you I am sure I wouldn’t be doing what I do. Thank you for your feedback, support and all around just for being here, wanting to share this journey with me.

2018 – The year for possibilities

As we step closer to the end of 2017, I am looking forward to 2018. I have so much exciting things happening for TBA and so many ideas for keep creating sustainable and conscious beauty. Your constructive feedback helps me and the company grow. First off we will attend a New York exhibition in February and later spring 2018 we will hopefully see several of you at the Green Beauty Awards in Stockholm. New products are to come and three newbies will be launched in the beginning of next year!! Can’t wait to share them with you all!💕

To tie the bag together, my blog will be here. Maybe not updated as much as you are used to but I will check in. And if you are not following me on Instagram be sure to do for real time Stories of what I am up to. Even though the blog posts will be a bit fewer, I am here, just around the corner and whenever you want to reach out.

Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you soon..



(Lippies featured: Effortless and I Do!)

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Details: The scent of fall | Iris Meadow

Aerin Lauder is the maker behind AERIN, a luxurious ocean of intoxicating scents. I had the most lovely experience choosing my perfect scent at a beauty department in Stockholm the other month. I haven’t experienced anything like it actually. Thought I’d share this creative twist of personalizing scents to customers with you!

First, the bottles are so pretty. Each scent has its own stone color cap and the bottle is a thick and classic glass bottle with golden details and printing. The sales people at AERIN brings you beautiful cards, each card representing a scent (that you do not know of before hand). You are then asked to choose the three cards that most appeals to you and your aesthetic. Next step you are introduced to your 3 scents, each card placed beside the matching scent.

I then got to smell one perfume at a time while the sales person at AERIN read me a story behind the scent, printed on the back of the matching card I’d chosen. How lovely isn’t that? To get a little story from the creator while your nose sucks in the essences. After smelling each scent on a test stick, while dipping my nose as far down a coffee bean jar in between the takes, I was asked to narrow it down to two scents and got to test them out on myself, one on each hand.

Each packaging is unique to the perfume and its story.

IRIS MEADOW was the perrrrfect match for me. I actually was drawn towards it the first time smelling it straight from the bottle, before this little perfume experience was initiated. I love it! And the story behind it just made it even better. Here is the story (freely translated from Swedish) that I was presented during my try out of this perfume:

‘Iris Meadow is like a dream – like wandering through an open field beneath a beeming blue sky with a sea of flowers around you. For me, fresh flowers are the foundation of joy. Wheather it is a small plant from the flower market or a beautiful mighty orchid, flowers bring life to a room. This scent captures the feeling of life and energy’. – Aerin

Unique combination | IRIS and BLACK CURRANT .

Notes | Galbanum, Egyptian Jasmine, Neroli, Cedar wood, Musk.


I would love to hear the story behind your favorite scents!

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