Knitted Behavoir, Spider Webs & Foggy Sundayzzz

Sundayzzz.. I feel there is something still over autumn Sundays, like it’s calmer somehow. Spring and summer mornings can for me feel a bit stressful, as forcing yourself up early not to miss out on the best sun spot at the beach, you know? For fall though, I feel like the pace automatically slows down. Maybe it has to do with the magic of rain, fresh dew and the spider web shows?

Today, I woke up early to the most mystical fog outside. So I grabbed my camera and before breakfast I went out to an empty street to capture the moment. And I felt still, calm and at peace. I didn’t even have to ‘force’ myself up and out of bed. I like mornings like these. And some cam snaps to work up an appetite!

I threw on this new knit. Knits are my favorit fall garnment.. You have a jacket and a cardigan in one and you can mix and match them to everything in your wardrobe, from the basic tee & jeans look to cosy up the wrapped knee lenght dress. My knew fav is this long grey oversized knit from American Vintage. It has two big front pockets, side slits and the perfect 3/4 sleeve. Love.

And then there was the fog..

What do you feel about Sundayz, knits and fall weather?
Hit or miss?

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Makeup Q & A – How to prep for foundation?

Hi lovely peeps! I asked you some questions over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and today I thought we would begin this Questions & Answers mini series. I decided to devide your questions in to several posts, for me to be able to elaborate my answers on your interesting questions and at the same time making the posts reader friendly (read: not abnormally long). Without further ado, let’s get in to the first post and first question of this series!


Q: How should I prepare my skin before foundation?

A: This is a great question and sometimes tricky task. You may have experienced that your skin sometimes change, from oily to dry, smooth to more textured? It’s not uncommon that we can be both oily and dry at the same time, in different areas of the face. The same goes with red spots, dullness, larger pores etc.

Being the body’s largest organ our skin reacts to outer and inner stimulus like wind and weather, stress and hormonal changes. Hence, we sometimes need to change our skin care routines to fit the present ‘mood’ of the skin. Knowing this, it may sound like an impossible task to know what products to use. But don’t despair! There are basic guidelines to start out from.

  • Dry skin?
    Often needs moisturizing products to help the restore moisture balance. If you experience a lot of dryness or dry patches, exfoliating will also help a smoother foundation application by first removing dead skin cells and improve the skin’s capacity to moisture absorption. So exfoliate, mositurize and let set in to the skin. These steps are often enough when you have dry skin as this acts both as your skin care and primer base for foundation.
  • Oily skin?
    For skin types with a sebum overproduction you may experience issues with foundation gliding around and not really adhere and set. Oily skin needs to be prepared for makeup by cleansing with a suitable cleanser for oily and/or sensitive skin. And you might think that more moisture would aggravate the oilness but this is a common missconception. Overly oily skin needs moisture balance so after cleansing prep your skin with, preferably, a lighter day cream. Finish with a primer that is water and/or aloe vera based.
  • Combination skin?
    If you have both oily and dry skin you most likely have a combination skin type and may need to use different products for the specific ‘problem’ areas. For example, use a face oil and/or creamy moisturizer on the dryer parts of your face and a lighter water based moisturizer on the oilier parts, like in the T-zone (nose, chin, forehead). I myself experience combination (and sensitive) skin that during summer months leans more towards oily and in cold months tends to get more dry and reactive. I have a few different products on hand to help me prep my skin before foundation.
  • Sensitive and acne prone skin?
    No matter skin type you can also have a sensitive skin. You might react easy to stimulus, like changes in hormonal levels, certain types of food and sleep deprevation. It is understandable you just want to cover up the redness with makeup or start popping those pimples, but wait. Instead, try thinking of your skin like a friend trying to tell you something, like you need to slow down, prioritize time for yourself or regulate your food intake during the day. Behavior changes like these can be one way of preparing and balance your skin and using mild cleansers and creams designed specifically for sensitive skin another. When choosing a suitable foundation for sensitive skin I would go for a plant based /organic BB or CC cream. These sorts of products can double as skin protectants and at the same time enhance the complexion by balancing redness and texture while adding a subtle and natural coverage. Remember, it is not about covering but enhancing. ♥
  • Normal skin? Clean, moisturize and prime.

Primer tips

Avoid silicone based primers! A lot of conventional makeup products contains silicone. On the ingredient list it is often found under names ending with -cone or -siloxane, the most common Dimethicone. Did you know it takes an average of up to 500 years for silicone to decompose in nature and risks disturbing our ecosystem?

Instead, look for ingredients like aloe vera (INCI: aloe barbadensis) and natural glycerin. Aloe vera is an amazing plant and great for all skin types as it soothes, protects and repairs while locking in moisture.  Glycerin is an organic compound and protects the skin barrier, acts anti-irritant and is found in nature, like in our own skin. Just be sure it is not synthetically produced. Glycerin binds moisture really well to the skin and it gives primers that bit of tacky ‘glue:ish’ feeling which helps foundation adhere better and prevents it from slipping and sliding around.

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Illuminating Primer
Kyrpis Heliotropic Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Cream
Balance Me Instant Lift Primer

Hope you found this post helpful in some way and if I didn’t answer your question don’t worry. The Q & A series will return soon. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


♥ ♥ ♥


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Edit or Not Edit?

The artist picks the brush up and starts painting. Maybe with a clear vision in mind or she just paints what inspires her in the present moment. Today she feels excited and have had a good night’s sleep and the calm spirit reflects in her paiting. If she had started on this piece yesterday though, when she felt a bit low and stressed out, had the painting still looked the same? No matter what feeling we hold in the moment when we are creating, aren’t we all just editing a blank canvas?

The other week I had a very interesting conversation with a lovely beauty professional and creator about editing on social media. Earlier this year I had a similar discussion with a friend and photographer on the same subject. Some people say editing is changing the “truth”. This got me thinking about how we edit our lives in general and how we wish to portray and express ourselves. And this is the topic of today’s post. I would love to hear what thoughts this subject awakes for you.

[Today’s post came to me in a hurry in English, that’s why I have chosen not to translate it into Swedish. I hope you don’t mind. Also, all pictures below are from the same shoot, the same look. Just viewed from different perspectivs..]

I believe we all are editing. Daily. From editing our language in front of an audience, when we are choosing an outfit of the day and when removing a pimple on the nose with concealer. Isn’t this all editing in some sense and form? Some people mean that there is only ONE truth, like the camera image represents one only way of looking at a subject or person. I dare to disagree with these people.

In social media today, what we see I believe to be someone’s vision and a reflection of a present mood. Like seeing a diary instead of reading it. I find that to be so inspiring and alluring. The photographer and editor edits the model on the magazine, to fit their vision. Demarchelier, Testino, Vogue.. they all edit. If I wear a black dress that enhances my waist and diminish my hips, am I editing my body? I don’t know where to draw the line. We all have seen people on social media retouched to the heavens, to the point when they don’t even look like themsleves anymore. Still, may it be a vision or a story behind that image, that we just don’t try to or want to explore further?

Sometimes I edit and sometimes I don’t. Why? I always want to portray myself in a manner where I feel like myself yet in a way that doesn’t compromise with my aesthetic mind and vision. I just love prettyness and I see ‘pretty’ in so many different things.. But what I find appealing maybe another person does not.

It may depend on my mood of the day. But wheather or not it is a picture perfect set up in a lifestyle mag or a cool beauty influencer on social media, I love the visual unexpected and beautiful. I find it to be our creative freedom to explore these sides of ourselves and what we in the moment want to enhance, what colors we want to stand out for the spectator. Showing ourselves in different lighting is our prerogative. Isn’t it all editing when it comes down to it?

What is your opinion about editing on social media? Where do we draw the line, if there is one?


Wish you a fab day


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Fall(ing) in burgundy & nude

Hej lovelies! Fredag är äntligen här och varför inte fira det med en pre-höstinspirerad moodboard? Min board har idag en blandning av nyanser av burgundy och nude men håller kvar lite av det somriga med en ‘oldie but goldie’ Filippa K klänning. En medvetet producerad figursydd ovanför knä-längd och ack så bekväm liten dress. Jag matchar den med en läppfärg i samma nyansskala och för att lugna ner outfitten och addera den där skandinaviska tonen tar jag fram min nude-färgade kuvertväska från arkivet.

Hi lovelies! Friday is finally here and why not celebrate it with a fall inspired mood board? Mine is today a mixture of burgundy and nudes, still keeping it a bit summerish with my oldie but goldie Filippa K dress dress. It is fitted but ohh so comfortable and consciously produced. I’m matching it with a lip tint in the same shade scale and to get that Scandinavian feeling I add a nude clutch bag from the archives.

[Post contains a collaboration with The Beauty Archive]

Sophisticated lip tint, The Beauty Archive

Mood board

Dress – Filippa K (old fall collection)
Bag – by Malene Birger
Highlighter – Tromborg High Light
Lips – The Beauty Archive Sophisticated lip tint

Hur ser er fredagsstil ut? Pyjamasmode eller cocktail dress and heels hour?

What is your Friday style looking like? PJ’s? Cocktail dress and heels?



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#OMG! – Maria Åkerberg Bronzer Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed bronzer, Maria Åkerberg 229:-

Jag har använt den här produkten non stop sedan jag fick hem den. Den har bytt plats med mitt Tromborg mineral foundation puder i Latte som jag hittills har använt som bronzer. Så, Maria Åkerbergs kompakta bronzer i nyansen Sun Kissed har alltså gått upp till 1:a plats.

I have used this product non stop since I got it. It has replaced my Tromborg mineral foundaton powder in ‘Latte’, which I uptil now have used to warm up my face. So, Maria Åkerberg’s compact bronzer in the shade Sun Kissed has gone up to 1st place.

Swatch captured in bright and dimmed lighting.

Vad gör den?

  • Ger en fin och naturlig solkysst finish.
  • Bra pigmenterad och lätt att applicera och blenda.
  • Bronzern är matt, vilket är ett måste för en “care free” varje-dag-bronzer. Glitterbronzers kan vara roligt att parta till det med ibland men för ett resultat som ska se naturligt ut i dagsljus så kör jag alltid på en matt variant.
  • Produkten kommer i ett fint smidigt och lätt etui med en bra spegel på insidan av locket. Passar bra att ha med sig i handväskan på resan eller utekvällen.

 What does it do?

  • Gives a nice and natural sun kissed finish.
  • Nicely pigmented and easy to apply and blend. 
  • The bronzer is matte, which is a must for an every-day look. Glitter bronzers can be fun but for a natural look and in daylight, I always go for the matte ones.
  • The product comes in a pretty and lightweight case with a great mirror on the inside of the lid. Perfect to just throw in your handbag and apply on the go.

Maria Åkerbergs Sun Kissed bronzer förtjänar en #OMG!, då den ger precis ett sådant naturligt och fint resultat som jag söker hos en bronzer. Jag vet att det finns en djupare nyans än denna men har inte testat den själv. Har ni testat någon av dem? Vad tycker ni?

Maria Åkerberg’s Sun Kissed bronzer deserves a #OMG!. It gives me exactly that pretty and natural result I want from a day to day bronzer. I know there is a deeper shade than this one but haven’t tried it  myself. Have you tried any of MAria Åkerberg’s bronzers? What do you think?


Wish you a great start to your week!

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