Niu Body – The GLOW oil

Hi lovelies! My Sunday starts with 3 drops of a magic oil, some coffee and podcast updates from the past week. My second indie beauty tip (read the first one here) from my New York trip is the Canadian brand created by the magic-duo Connie Lo and Laura Burget, namely NIU BODY.

Niu Body has a range of high quality and effective natural skin care products, made from ingredients that benefit your skin. The products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and the company has a clear environmental approach by using recyclable packaging and focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing. The collection is filled with a beautiful mixture of products for all skin needs, wheather it is to improve moisture, for anti-inflammatory purposes, balancing oil production and much more.

The brand’s no. 1 bestseller is this GLOW oil. It is a perfect balance between moisture and lustre without being greasy. I am sometimes sensitive to products with essential oils but with this one, the Toronto team has formulated the oil with a subtle balance of extracts from organic bergamot that works oh so well with my skin. The divine fruity citrusy scent I find it so refreshing in the morning, to wake up my skin and mind in a delicate and joyful way.

If you are looking for a light, easy to set oil to bring a nice healthy glow to your skin or to add some lustre to your foundation routine, this is a very good and pretty product to have on hand.

Check out more from the brand at



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ONNE – Australian Natural Skincare

ONNE ‘Balancing Body Balm’ & coffee-infused ‘Body Scrub’ –

Hi lovelies!

How are you? I’ve been wanting to update the blog for some time now but somehow work gets in the way.. You know that feeling? Like the hours of the day somehow aren’t cooperating with you? Well, today I am BACK and so excited to share new found brands and the founders behind them, with you. Hope you’ll find inspiration for your green beauty spring shopping and maybe a new product favourite.. or two?;) Let’s dive in to it, shall we?

ONNE ‘Complexion Cream’ – This airy and soothing face cream treats your skin and works great with all skin types, from preventing oiliness to soothing dry areas. Infused with Kakadu Plum for preventing wrinkles and Davidson Plum, which acts like an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). 

First out: ONNE Beauty.

For you who follow me on social media you probably know I recently got back from New York after attending the Beauty² exhibition with The Beauty Archive. What started as a business event turned out to feel more like coming “home”, surrounded by likeminded and such inspiring people within the industry. It truly gave me a well needed February energy boost. Our table neighborg at the exhibition was ONNE [pronounced as the number; 1], an Australian skincare brand based on natural and organic ingredients packaged in clean, minimalistic bottles and jars for both inner and outer wellbeing. 

ONNE products have a lovely subtle scent that will be mild enough to be used for all skin types, even for hypersensitive skin. ONNE founder – Carlia Ashton – described to me at the event as the scent being developed from a vision of those relaxing, carefree days spent at the beach. I can feel it immediately from the first whiff of the product. It smells like sunrays lightly warming your skin and beach breezes passing you by. All products in ONNE’s line are made from certified organic ingredients and made to create a “ONNE-derful skin that glows from within”, Carlia means. A skin that will shine of gratefulness.

L-R: ONNE Clarifying Cleanser, ONNE Moisturising Mask, ONNE Complexion Cream.

I love everyting about ONNE beauty, from the story behind to the beautiful souls of the company. Just visiting their website and online shop relaxes you and they make you feel welcome and cared for in a ONNE-derful way.

For more inspiration visit: ONNE website & shop

Let me know what skin care products you use at the moment! Do you have a new brand you’re testing out? Would love to chat with you so please, leave a little comment below before you leave. Talk soon!



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Makeup Q & A – How to prep for foundation?

Hi lovely peeps! I asked you some questions over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and today I thought we would begin this Questions & Answers mini series. I decided to devide your questions in to several posts, for me to be able to elaborate my answers on your interesting questions and at the same time making the posts reader friendly (read: not abnormally long). Without further ado, let’s get in to the first post and first question of this series!


Q: How should I prepare my skin before foundation?

A: This is a great question and sometimes tricky task. You may have experienced that your skin sometimes change, from oily to dry, smooth to more textured? It’s not uncommon that we can be both oily and dry at the same time, in different areas of the face. The same goes with red spots, dullness, larger pores etc.

Being the body’s largest organ our skin reacts to outer and inner stimulus like wind and weather, stress and hormonal changes. Hence, we sometimes need to change our skin care routines to fit the present ‘mood’ of the skin. Knowing this, it may sound like an impossible task to know what products to use. But don’t despair! There are basic guidelines to start out from.

  • Dry skin?
    Often needs moisturizing products to help the restore moisture balance. If you experience a lot of dryness or dry patches, exfoliating will also help a smoother foundation application by first removing dead skin cells and improve the skin’s capacity to moisture absorption. So exfoliate, mositurize and let set in to the skin. These steps are often enough when you have dry skin as this acts both as your skin care and primer base for foundation.
  • Oily skin?
    For skin types with a sebum overproduction you may experience issues with foundation gliding around and not really adhere and set. Oily skin needs to be prepared for makeup by cleansing with a suitable cleanser for oily and/or sensitive skin. And you might think that more moisture would aggravate the oilness but this is a common missconception. Overly oily skin needs moisture balance so after cleansing prep your skin with, preferably, a lighter day cream. Finish with a primer that is water and/or aloe vera based.
  • Combination skin?
    If you have both oily and dry skin you most likely have a combination skin type and may need to use different products for the specific ‘problem’ areas. For example, use a face oil and/or creamy moisturizer on the dryer parts of your face and a lighter water based moisturizer on the oilier parts, like in the T-zone (nose, chin, forehead). I myself experience combination (and sensitive) skin that during summer months leans more towards oily and in cold months tends to get more dry and reactive. I have a few different products on hand to help me prep my skin before foundation.
  • Sensitive and acne prone skin?
    No matter skin type you can also have a sensitive skin. You might react easy to stimulus, like changes in hormonal levels, certain types of food and sleep deprevation. It is understandable you just want to cover up the redness with makeup or start popping those pimples, but wait. Instead, try thinking of your skin like a friend trying to tell you something, like you need to slow down, prioritize time for yourself or regulate your food intake during the day. Behavior changes like these can be one way of preparing and balance your skin and using mild cleansers and creams designed specifically for sensitive skin another. When choosing a suitable foundation for sensitive skin I would go for a plant based /organic BB or CC cream. These sorts of products can double as skin protectants and at the same time enhance the complexion by balancing redness and texture while adding a subtle and natural coverage. Remember, it is not about covering but enhancing. ♥
  • Normal skin? Clean, moisturize and prime.

Primer tips

Avoid silicone based primers! A lot of conventional makeup products contains silicone. On the ingredient list it is often found under names ending with -cone or -siloxane, the most common Dimethicone. Did you know it takes an average of up to 500 years for silicone to decompose in nature and risks disturbing our ecosystem?

Instead, look for ingredients like aloe vera (INCI: aloe barbadensis) and natural glycerin. Aloe vera is an amazing plant and great for all skin types as it soothes, protects and repairs while locking in moisture.  Glycerin is an organic compound and protects the skin barrier, acts anti-irritant and is found in nature, like in our own skin. Just be sure it is not synthetically produced. Glycerin binds moisture really well to the skin and it gives primers that bit of tacky ‘glue:ish’ feeling which helps foundation adhere better and prevents it from slipping and sliding around.

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Illuminating Primer
Kyrpis Heliotropic Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Cream
Balance Me Instant Lift Primer

Hope you found this post helpful in some way and if I didn’t answer your question don’t worry. The Q & A series will return soon. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


♥ ♥ ♥


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Oh YASSS! Hyalyronate Moisturising (dream) Cream

Okay, background check. Min hy har alltid varit känslig men jag har aldrig haft särskilda problem med blemmor och finnar. Tills för ett år sedan. Idag är min hy under tydlig hormonell påverkan vilket resulterar i tråkiga utslag och blemmor. Så min “vanliga” hudvårdsrutin har helt enkelt inte fungerat optimalt och jag är fortfarande i akt med att hitta en lämplig rutin som ger positiva result på min känsliga hy. Nu har jag hittat ansiktskrämen.

Okay, so background check: My skin has always been sensitive, but I’ve never had any particular problems with blems and pimples. Until a year ago. Today, my skin is under a clear hormonal effect, resulting in boring rashes and lips. So my “regular” skin care routine simply did not work optimally and I’m still working to find a suitable routine that gives positive results on my sensitive skin. Now I have found the face cream.

Hudvård med dokumenterad effekt

Annemarie Börlinds ledord är hudvård med dokumenterad effekt. Detta påstående kan jag instämma i vad gäller AquaNature Moisturising Cream. Så här beskriver Börlind själva sin produkt:

“En lätt crème som ger långtidsverkande fuktbalans för torr och fuktfattig hy, med ett intensivt fuktgivande komplex och mjukgörande lätta botaniska oljor. Växtceller förbättrar strukturen och skyddet i den yttersta hudbarriären. Celltillväxten stimuleras och hyaluronsyran från den kinesiska snösvampen ger en skyddande film som fyller ut fina linjer och rynkor. Passar även som lättare sommarhudvård för normal hy. Utmärkt som bas för makeup.

AQUANATURE serien passar alla som vill ha mycket fukt, men minimalt med fett. Har du en lite fetare hy väljer du CrèmeSorbet som din dag/nattcrème. Har du normal/fuktfattig hy väljer du istället Moisturising Cream.”

Skincare with documented effect

Annemarie Börlind’s keyword is skin care with documented effect. This statement I can agree with regarding AquaNature Moisturizing Cream. Thus, Börlind describes its product itself:

‘A light cream that provides long-lasting moisture balance for dry and moisture-free skin, with an intense moisturizing complex and softening lightweight botanical oils. Plant cells improve the structure and protection of the outer skin barrier. Cell growth is stimulated and the hyaluronic acid from the Chinese snow mushroom provides a protective film that fills out fine lines and wrinkles. Also suitable for lighter summer skin care for normal skin. Excellent as a base for makeup.

The AQUANATURE series fits anyone who wants a lot of moisture, but minimal fat. Do you have a bit of fatter skin, choose CrèmeSorbet as your day / night cream. If you have normal / low moisture, you choose Moisturizing Cream instead.’

Mitt första intryck var att den luktade gott och kändes väldigt len på huden. Den är dryg, vilket jag erfor då jag vid första användningarna använde alldeles för mycket produkt. Så lite räcker långt. Jag upplevde också direkt att den jämnade ut min hy. Det kändes som jag använt en ytterst fin och naturlig primer vilket jag inte hade, så den håller sitt påstående enligt ovan att; …”celltillväxten stimuleras och hyaluronsyran från den kinesiska snösvampen ger en skyddande film som fyller ut fina linjer och rynkor”. Efter regelbunden användning ser jag en tydlig effekt. Den har hjälpt att återfukta mina fuktfattiga och torrare partier i ansiktets yttre delar samtidigt som den förebygger och minskar mina rodnader, ärr och blemmor. En liten burk mirakelkräm för min hud? Ja, jag skulle nog vilja påstå det. Jag hoppas verkligen att denna positiva trend fortsätter och att mitt smått komplicerade förhållande till min “nya” hudtyp kanske börjar få sig en lösning trots allt. Kommer jag köpa den igen? Oh yasss!

My first impression was that it smelled good and felt very light on the skin. It’s good, which is why I used too much product at first use. That’s a bit far enough. I also immediately realized that it smoothed my skin. It felt like I used an extremely nice and natural primer which I did not have, so it asserts its claim as above; … “cell growth is stimulated and the hyaluronic acid from the Chinese snow mushroom provides a protective film that fills out fine lines and wrinkles”. After regular use, I see a clear effect. It has helped to moisturize my moisture-rich and dry parts in the outer parts of the face while preventing and reducing my redness, scars and pains. A small can of miracle cream for my skin? Yes, I would probably say that. I really hope that this positive trend will continue and my complicated relationship with my “new” skin type may start to get a solution after all. Will I re purchase it? Oh yasss!

◊ Har ni någon hudvårdsprodukt som varit så där positivt överraskande?

◊ Do you have any skin care product that is positively surprised?


Laters lovelies!


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Annemarie Börlind – 2-1 Black Mask

[Contains PR gifts*]

Annemarie Börlind 2 in 1 Black Mask*.

Sedan jag var liten har jag fascinerats av hudvård, dess doft, konsistens och fina förpackningar. En bra hudvårdsrutin är som vi alla vet grunden för att få till den där perfekta makeupen och med rätt produkter kan man göra mycket för sin hy. Nu till sommaren tycker jag att det är lyxigt att ge huden lite extra kärlek, då jag gärna minimerar användningen av smink och istället boostar huden från grunden för målet att få till den där naturliga lystern vi alla vill ha.

Jag har under ett par veckor testat 2 in 1 Black Mask* från Annemarie Börlind. Företaget är baserat i Tyskland och tillverkar ekologisk hudvård med dokumenterad effekt. 2 in 1 Black Mask är en ansiktsmask för blandhy, fet hy och hy med utvidgade porer. Den sägs rengöra på djupet, verka sammandragande och utjämnande. Den innehåller bland annat exfolierande medel från ris för en naturlig mild peelingeffekt, extrakt från syrén som verkar mot orenheter och minskar överflödig talgproduktion samt växtplankton som förfinar porerna.

Since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by skin care, the scents, textures and pretty packagings. A good skin care routine is probably the best way for achieving that flawless makeup and with the right products you can do a lot for your skin. I think it’s luxurious to give the skin some extra love for summer, as I like to minimize the use of makeup this time of year and boost my skin. My goal is to get that natural lit-from-within glow, I mean who would mind that?;)  

For a couple of weeks I have tested the ‘2 in 1 Black Mask’* from Annemarie Börlind. The company, based in Germany, produces organic skin care with documented effect. ‘2 in 1 Black Mask’ is a face mask for combination and oily skin and skin with expanded pores. It claims to deep cleanse and even out the skin tone. Among other ingredients it contains exfoliating agents from rice (for a natural mild peeling effect), lilac extract (to remove impurities and reduce sebum production) and pore refining plant plankton.


Efter ett par veckors användning tycker jag att den hittills gjort ett synligt jobb för min hy. Jag har i och för sig också använt andra produkter som serum, vitaminer och krämer men det brukar jag göra i min vanliga rutin också. Jag upplever att ansiktsmasken gör min hud len och porerna upplever jag något förminskade. Stora porer är inte mitt främsta problemområde så här kan jag inte säga att den gjort så mycket, även om jag upplever att porerna inte blir lika prominenta. Den största effekten den haft på min hud är att den lyft orenheter från djupet, vilket vid de första användningarna gjorde att jag fick lite blemmor. Men det är inte ovanligt när huden anpassar sig till en ny hudvårdsrutin-/produkt. Efter detta lugnat sig så har huden känts ren, lite fastare och grundat väl för återfuktning. Mina tidigare torra partier har försvunnit och min hy är betydligt mjukare.

I can already see a visible effect on my skin, just over 2 weeks of use. Aside from this face mask I have used products like serums, vitamins and face creams, which is a part of my usual skin care routine. Large pores is not one of my main skin issues but I feel that my pores are not as prominent as before. The most visible and ‘touchable’ effect for me has definitely been how the mask deep cleanses and lifts impurities from the skin. At first this caused a few break outs, something that can happen when the skin adapts to a new routine and product. These break outs faded quickly and I haven’t had any problem since. My face feels thoroughly clean, a tad bit firmer and well prepped for moisturizing products. The dry parts on my face have disappeared and my skin is so much softer.

Yay or nay?

Annemarie Börlind 2 in 1 Black Mask får väl godkänt av mig. Den lever upp till påståendena om att djuprengöra och mjukgöra samt är den mild nog mot min lite känsliga hud. Känslan är lyxig på och dofterna milda och lugnande. Jag kommer definitivt att fortsätta använda den och har redan haft hemma-spa med syrran, som från sitt första intryck av masken gav den tummen upp. Finns att köpa på de flesta Lifebutiker och Hälsokraftbutiker samt online på bland annat och

Har ni någon speciell hudvårdsrutin eller produkt ni använder nu under sommarmånaderna?

‘2 in 1 Black Mask’ is definitely a great product. It lives up to its claims, it deep cleanses and softens the skin and is still gentle enough for sensitive skin. The feeling is luxurious and the product has a mild and nice scent which I find soothing. I will definitely continue to use this mask and I have already put it to the test with a home-spa evening with my sister. Her first impressions of this mask was great and she gave it a big thumbs up.

Do you have any special skin care routine or product for summer? 


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