Aerin Lauder is the maker behind AERIN, a luxurious ocean of intoxicating scents. I had the most lovely experience choosing my perfect scent at a beauty department in Stockholm the other month. I haven’t experienced anything like it actually. Thought I’d share this creative twist of personalizing scents to customers with you!

First, the bottles are so pretty. Each scent has its own stone color cap and the bottle is a thick and classic glass bottle with golden details and printing. The sales people at AERIN brings you beautiful cards, each card representing a scent (that you do not know of before hand). You are then asked to choose the three cards that most appeals to you and your aesthetic. Next step you are introduced to your 3 scents, each card placed beside the matching scent.

I then got to smell one perfume at a time while the sales person at AERIN read me a story behind the scent, printed on the back of the matching card I’d chosen. How lovely isn’t that? To get a little story from the creator while your nose sucks in the essences. After smelling each scent on a test stick, while dipping my nose as far down a coffee bean jar in between the takes, I was asked to narrow it down to two scents and got to test them out on myself, one on each hand.

Each packaging is unique to the perfume and its story.

IRIS MEADOW was the perrrrfect match for me. I actually was drawn towards it the first time smelling it straight from the bottle, before this little perfume experience was initiated. I love it! And the story behind it just made it even better. Here is the story (freely translated from Swedish) that I was presented during my try out of this perfume:

‘Iris Meadow is like a dream – like wandering through an open field beneath a beeming blue sky with a sea of flowers around you. For me, fresh flowers are the foundation of joy. Wheather it is a small plant from the flower market or a beautiful mighty orchid, flowers bring life to a room. This scent captures the feeling of life and energy’. – Aerin

Unique combination | IRIS and BLACK CURRANT .

Notes | Galbanum, Egyptian Jasmine, Neroli, Cedar wood, Musk.


I would love to hear the story behind your favorite scents!