The artist picks the brush up and starts painting. Maybe with a clear vision in mind or she just paints what inspires her in the present moment. Today she feels excited and have had a good night’s sleep and the calm spirit reflects in her paiting. If she had started on this piece yesterday though, when she felt a bit low and stressed out, had the painting still looked the same? No matter what feeling we hold in the moment when we are creating, aren’t we all just editing a blank canvas?

The other week I had a very interesting conversation with a lovely beauty professional and creator about editing on social media. Earlier this year I had a similar discussion with a friend and photographer on the same subject. Some people say editing is changing the “truth”. This got me thinking about how we edit our lives in general and how we wish to portray and express ourselves. And this is the topic of today’s post. I would love to hear what thoughts this subject awakes for you.

[Today’s post came to me in a hurry in English, that’s why I have chosen not to translate it into Swedish. I hope you don’t mind. Also, all pictures below are from the same shoot, the same look. Just viewed from different perspectivs..]

I believe we all are editing. Daily. From editing our language in front of an audience, when we are choosing an outfit of the day and when removing a pimple on the nose with concealer. Isn’t this all editing in some sense and form? Some people mean that there is only ONE truth, like the camera image represents one only way of looking at a subject or person. I dare to disagree with these people.

In social media today, what we see I believe to be someone’s vision and a reflection of a present mood. Like seeing a diary instead of reading it. I find that to be so inspiring and alluring. The photographer and editor edits the model on the magazine, to fit their vision. Demarchelier, Testino, Vogue.. they all edit. If I wear a black dress that enhances my waist and diminish my hips, am I editing my body? I don’t know where to draw the line. We all have seen people on social media retouched to the heavens, to the point when they don’t even look like themsleves anymore. Still, may it be a vision or a story behind that image, that we just don’t try to or want to explore further?

Sometimes I edit and sometimes I don’t. Why? I always want to portray myself in a manner where I feel like myself yet in a way that doesn’t compromise with my aesthetic mind and vision. I just love prettyness and I see ‘pretty’ in so many different things.. But what I find appealing maybe another person does not.

It may depend on my mood of the day. But wheather or not it is a picture perfect set up in a lifestyle mag or a cool beauty influencer on social media, I love the visual unexpected and beautiful. I find it to be our creative freedom to explore these sides of ourselves and what we in the moment want to enhance, what colors we want to stand out for the spectator. Showing ourselves in different lighting is our prerogative. Isn’t it all editing when it comes down to it?

What is your opinion about editing on social media? Where do we draw the line, if there is one?


Wish you a fab day